Remove and Replace methods working in Container Element in Blackberry Build

Hi all

I am currently in the middle of making a mobile app which requires the main view to update after an event trigger. I have recently ran into issues when trying to update the container element in this canvas. I can add elements to the container but I cannot edit existing elements in the container or remove them. I only seem to encounter this issue when working with Blackberry as the issue does not seem to be present in android. I was wondering if anyone knew of any ways to fix this issue?

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Hi Kareem,

I think the BlackBerry implementation is lagging a little behind Android, so what you’re seeing there might be an artifact of that. We are looking to resolve these inconsistencies as soon as we can though.



Hey Nick thanks for your reply, I’m now trying to reload the whole View again by making a transitionto call from main_view to a new instance of the same view. this appears to work and the fields update correctly however when I try and execute other functions later the app does not seem to be able to find them and throws a null pointer exception, which I don’t understand as these functions work otherwise. just wondering if you have came across this before and kno of any fixes?

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Hi Kareem,

Any reproduction information you can send us on this would be greatly appreciated as I’m not aware of any issues that should occur in this scenario…


Hi Nick after playing around some more with the code I managed to get it working. In the end it was a simple issue related to trying to remove an item which did not exist.

Thanks again for your help it was muchly appreciated, sorry again for any time wasted.
Regards Kareem.