Deploying app to Blackberry


I am trying to develop an app for a Blackberry phone. I have the following two issues:

  1. The App compiles correctly but when I run it in the Blackberry simulator all my input screens are missing.
  2. When I Load the project on the device and try to open it I get the following error: “must be signed with the RIM Runtime Code Signing Key”

Please let me know if anyone has encountered these issues and how you resolved them.



Rynard Coetzee

Hi Rynard,

I can’t help so much with your first issue but with your second issue I think all you are missing is the certificates from RIM required to sign your application. These certificates are now free and you can request them from this site:

Once you have the keys you should be able to add them to your IDE by clicking Blackberry->Sign->install new keys

Then when you wish to deploy your build to your device, right click on your project and select Blackberry->sign with signature tool.

This should let you sign your builds and deploy them onto your handset.

Kind Regards,