Issue building projects since last Mobile Designer update applied

Suddenly this morning, projects which had been building ok are having problems. I know of at least one other person who is running into this issue.

For example, I’m getting this error when I try to activate a handset:


    [  [u]   echo  [/u]] Replacing project's .classpath

    [  [u]   echo  [/u]] Generating NetBeans nbproject folder...

    [  [u]   echo  [/u]] Generating Phoney launcher

    [  [u]   echo  [/u]] Compiling all the application source code... (debug=true)

   [  [u]   javac  [/u]] Compiling 118 source files to D:\Workspace\SKO_App\bin

   [  [u]   javac  [/u]]   [u]   D:\Workspace\SKO_App\src\com\softwareag\mobile\sko\  [/u]:8: package does not exist

   [  [u]   javac  [/u]] import;

   [  [u]   javac  [/u]]                                 ^

   [  [u]   javac  [/u]] 1 error[b]    [/b]

The ant.jar file is still in the Referenced Libraries of the project and the generated .classpath file is referencing the right location, but I still get this error.

Is anyone else running into this issue?


Hi David,

The latest update (348) only distributed a new sample app and documentation. I’m not seeing anything in the update that would cause this problem.

Out of interest, is there a reason Ant classes are being used in the application runtime code? This API won’t be present under a platform like iOS, for example.



(Mobile Designer Development Team)

You’re right… I’m not sure why that class was imported in the first place. I commented it out.

In any case, for some reason, the mobile app classes in one package is now having trouble referencing classes in another package in the src folder… which was not a problem last night.

What on earth have I done to break things…

Hmmm, I’m not sure on that one. I assume the code all compiles through Eclipse and the paths and package definitions are set up correctly?

If it all looks correct, do send it over so we can take a look here too.


(Mobile Designer Development Team)

OK, I think I found the source of my issues… completely unrelated to anything I speculated before.

I had my Mobile Designer instance of eclipse open AS WELL AS an instance of wM Designer where I was working on IS services someplace else. The two were sharing a workspace and clashing with each other. Closing Designer and reimporting the project into “plain” eclipse cleared up my issues.

Sorry for the fire drill.