wMMD: Adjust Heights of different components

Hi all,
does anyone know of a way to level the heights of nuiButtonelements and nuiEntryElements - for design purposes?
Or more generally speaking - to make all used nui-components on a page appear to have the same height?

I found that height manipulation of nui-elements usually is a bit of a difficulty in MobileDesigner, but maybe someone has a hint.


Hi David,

On a number of platforms, you don’t have control to modify the exact pixel height of these types of controls. You can change the font that is used within a component in some instances, but that may be all the granularity you have access to.

However, as part of an internal update we are looking to put out today, we are adding a vertical alignment option to tablecells. This way you could use the table functionality to position a button and entry element side by side (for example), and whilst they may not be pixel-wise the same height, you could vertically align them so they look more balanced on the screen. This is probably a better cross-platform solution.