Font Sizes / Android translation

A customer is questioning why the font size on an android phone is
different than the font size when they run it on their android tablet -
i.e. it’s really small on their tablet.

In the NUI library, how is the text size that is set in the code

I’ve done a very quick google search, and it appears that some android
devices are particularly bad when setting fonts with a “PT” unit as the
underlying device doesn’t always report the proper display metrics so it
doesn’t scale and can end up being different sizes on different devices!


Hi Dave,

Glenn and I are currently in discussion on this topic right now. The
current Android implementation queries the device to try and find out
what recommended font sizes it should use for Small, Medium, Large, etc.
It’s become clear to us that a wide range of handsets are reporting
useless information in this area, so we’re going to have to change the


(Mobile Designer Development Team)