UI dev questions

Hi Mobile insiders,

A couple of UI related dev questions

. In your experience what is the best way to display a list of returned search results (eg, search for name returns >5 names from which you are able to pick one to drill for further demographic details)

. Would ideally like to push an image down to the mobile device from a repository - how would one go about doing that (code snippet example appreciated)

. Is there a way to invoke location based APIs - in order to use them as input (code snippet appreciated)

. What is the best way to include a Google map? Does anyone have a code example - ideally I do not want to link to a Google map URL but rather display the map within the app.

Thanks for having a look, code snippets appreciated, regards,


  1. To display a list, it depends on your use-case requirements. Obviously, the return could be presented as a dropdown box (e.g. picking one from a list of 50 countries), a sequential list of buttons (e.g. if you know you’ll be displaying less than 10 or 20), or a number of other ways.

  2. If you push down a PNG from a server, you should be able to capture that from the standard HTTP/server connection method like in the examples (e.g. as an arbitrary byte). With this, you should then just be able to do something like:

    newImageElement(-1, Image.createImage (myByteArray));

(this’ll probably need to be try-catch wrapped to protect against exceptions on the off-chance invalid image data is returned from the server)

  1. See: http://www.bedrockdev.com/tutorials/NativeUILocation.zip http://www.bedrockdev.com/tutorials/_NativeUILocation_.zip

  2. Currently we don’t have an example of this as embedding it within the NativeUI itself is dependent on platform capability. Obviously, adding a mapping element or view or something would make sense in our NativeUI layer in the future - we just haven’t added it yet.