How to use Camera and ImagePicker in Mobile Designer free suite version 10.1?

Hi Everyone,

I want to use Camera for capturing image and also i want imagePicker to pick image from mobile Gallery but i am not able to implement it using mobile designer version 10.1 because there is no option to select camera UI component in mobile designer

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please have a look at

You can also check the sample project NativeUIDemoNew. It’s located in your Mobile Designer installation within the /samples directory. In Designer, choose File → Import → General → Existing Projects into Workspace. After importing, please activate a handset. NativeUIDemoNew shows how to use the ImageHandler.

Please note that picking an image from a gallery is not supported in 10.1. However, we are working on a fix for 10.1, but I’m not sure, if it will be available with the free trial.

If picking an image is a must have requirement, you can have a look at the Pic2Model sample project. It uses native injection to get this working.

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