Image zoom-in/zoom-out

Hi All,

We having a requirement to display a large image in Mobile App, size : 800x900 px.

We want to know how to we can use zoom in/zoom out features.

Vageesh Shadakshari
Global Consulting Servies - India
SoftwareAG | Bangalore

I think I am right in saying this: Pinch and Zoom on large images is not currently a feature within Mobile Designer (it is on the suggested features list but there is no time of arrival as of yet). Of course, when it does arrive we need to consider carefully how it is implemented on BlackBerry, or other non-touchscreen devices.

You could of course write custom code for each platform to achieve this, but one thought crossed my mind: What would happen if you displayed a large image in a web view? Does that get you some level of zoom and pan? Might be worth trying.

You could always use on screen controls to pan and zoom the image (similar to how Google Maps does it). Although this would be somewhat cumbersome.

Thanks, Glenn.
(Mobile Designer Development Team)

Thanks Glenn,
In fact we are running out of time to do any custom imeplementation,
I tried out using the nUIWebView, it doesn’t load anything with the
Phoney simulator.
Used following code,

nUIWebView webView = new nUIWebView(FloorPlanView.NUIID_FLOORPLAN_VIEW);

URL points to an image on an internal server.

I also tried to put hard coded html text but nothing works
nUIWebView webView = new nUIWebView(FloorPlanView.NUIID_FLOORPLAN_VIEW);
String html = “” +
“Test” +

Hello world

” +

Please suggest

Vageesh Shadakshari

Hi Vageesh,

Phoney does not support the nUIWebView and nUIWebviewElement
currently; you’ll have to run your build on your target handset or in
the simulators for that platform to see it working.

Your code looks fine to me.

(Mobile Designer Development Team)

Thanks Mark and Glenn, web view worked perfectly.
We added a web view with URL pointing to an image and zoom in zoom out works seamlessly on iOS and Android.


Hi there
For the image zooming in and out features.i am not so familiar with it.But i have tried a free trial from this image zooming program.It turns out to be a powerful one.But it’s a little bit expensive for me.So is there any cheap image program?It would be perfect if it is free to use