How to delete 'All Records' view

When we create an object, by default it will have standard views like "All Records", "Created in last 7 days", "Created Today" and so on.

By default "All Records" (this will show all records that are associated with that object) view is set as default view for all users. If a user wants to delete this "All Records" view, he or she needs to follow these steps.

1) Go to the Gear icon.

2) Select Customization > Preferences.

3) Select "View preferences".

4) Create or modify the existing preference for the role for which the user wants to change the view.

5) As shown in the preceding image, select a view other than "All Records" for the respective object and save it.

6) Now the user can delete "All Records" view from "Manage views and reports" through "Access Management".


If a user does not follow these steps to delete the "All Records" view, he or she may continue to see the "All Records" view in the view list with limited columns. For this purpose, the user has to set the other view as default and refresh the page.