webMethods Cloud Container-Variable Substitution, Deployment, Rollback and Deletion


In this article, you will learn about Deployments with Variable substitution, Rollback and Deletion of the assets deployed to Cloud Container.


 webMethods Cloud Container - Introduction

Deployments with Variable substitution

Select IS Package “Accounts” for deployment by right-clicking on Package and selecting “Deploy to Cloud” in our case.

This package contains an Adapter connection to MySQL Database.

Click Next (Note: Accounts Package is selected).

Please change the values accordingly.

Click Next and choose your Solution: “Accounts” in our case.

Click Finish.

Package is deployed successfully to Cloud Container.


Also, Under the Deploy section of the solution, you will see all the assets which are deployed to a solution, see below.

Here if you select Rollback then Assets will be restored to the previous state on the Git Repository.

i.e. Previous commit state in the version control will be restored.

Click on Rollback and provide comments.

If you click on History Tab, then you will notice the record of all changes made to the repository like

Deployment, Rollback, and Deletion.


When you click on the delete button after selecting an asset. Then selected assets will be deleted from the version control system and a new version will be audited in the repository.

In the below screenshot, I have selected an already deployed IS package “webMethodsioIntTrain”.

Which I am going to delete, by clicking on Delete Button.

Provide comments and Click Delete.

Click on History tab to see audit details.