webMethods Cloud Container-Manual Deployment


In this article, you will learn how to deploy Assets like Configurations and IS Packages from one tenant to another.


webMethods Cloud Container - Introduction

Manual Deployment

In below case, “sandbox1” is our Development environment and “sandbox2” is our Test environment. A solution in our test environment where we want to promote/deploy our assets from the Development environment.

Go to Your Solution in Test environment i.e. sandbox2 and Click Deploy.

You will notice the environments which are linked to this current environment, like sandbox1 i.e. Development environment. Click on the source environment.

You will notice available active solutions in the source environment. Click on Assets

You will notice the Integration Server node, drill down that. Now you will notice your Source IS.

Click on your source IS.

You will notice Configurations and Packages available in the source IS. Select the assets which you want to promote and click promote button.

Click Save and Promote.

Assets will come into your Target. i.e. sandbox2 solution.