webMethods Cloud Container-Deploying Resource Configurations


In this article, you will learn how to deploy Resource Configurations to Integration Server on Cloud Container.


webMethods Cloud Container - Introduction

Deploying Resource Configurations

Importance of Resource Settings

To better tune your server's performance, you can configure the minimum and maximum number of threads. The server uses threads to execute services, retrieve documents from the messaging provider, and execute triggers. When the server starts, the thread pool initially contains the minimum number of threads. The server adds threads to the pool as needed until it reaches the maximum allowed. If this maximum number is reached, the server waits until processes complete and return threads to the pool before beginning more processes.

You can also set a warning level for available threads. When the percentage of available threads is equal to or less than the warning level, the server generates a journal log message to alert you to the reduced thread availability. The server generates another journal log message when the number of available threads is greater than the threshold.

Login to your Integration Server Administration page, Settings-> Resources. Here Email Notification is optional, if you want to configure that then provide details else provide server thread pool details and save.

In Designer go to Windows->Show View->Other-> Software AG Command Central-> Landscape Navigator. You will see your Already connected Command Central.

Drill down the Integration Server Node, go to Resources, right click and select “Export Configurations”.

Create a Project and Provide an Alias name. Also, make sure to select Format as YAML Source.

Click Next and Select Assets to be deployed.

Click Finish.

Project Explorer view will get open and You can see the created Project.

Right Click Project and select “Deploy Configurations to Cloud”.

Add your Template, which you want to Deploy.

Click Next and Select your Solution, which you have created on Cloud Container.

Click Finish. Resource Configuration will be deployed to Cloud Container.