webMethods Cloud Container-Deploying Custom Libraries and Certificates


In this document, you will learn how to deploy Custom libraries and Certificates to Cloud Container.

Introduction to Custom Jars/ Libraries

If a specific functionality is not available out of box from the integration server, you often need to use external jars or java libraries in IS. e.g. If you want to generate a PDF document or excel spreadsheet on your Integration Server, you need to use your preferred libraries like IText or Apache POI.

It is not recommended to place your custom jars in the IntegrationServer/lib/jars folder. But Integration Server provides you couple of places to place these jars depending on how you want them to be loaded.

1. packages/<package name>/code/jars or packages/<package name>/code/classes:  The jar file placed in these folders are only accessible to java services inside the same package and the packages dependent on this package. If there is any change in the jar, simply reloading of the package is sufficient to have the classes loaded in memory.

2. packages/<package name>/code/jars/static are accessible to all java services across the entire Integration Server. If there is any change in the jar, a restart of the Integration Server is required to activate any additions or changes to these.


webMethods Cloud Container - Introduction

Make sure that your Custom Libraries, Keystores, Truststores, HTTPS ports, and Certificates are in your Integration Server package.

Deploy your Integration Server Packages to Integration Server on your Cloud Container.

In Designer go to Windows->Show View->Other-> Software AG Command Central-> Landscape Navigator. You will see your Already connected Command Central.

Expand Integration Server Node. You will Notice KeyStores, Truststores, Ports nodes. Expand them. You will notice relevant assets.

Right Click on Integration Server Node and select Export Configurations.

Create a Project and Provide an Alias name. Also, make sure to select Format as YAML Source.

Click Next and Select Assets to be deployed.

Click Finish.

Project Explorer view will get open and You can see the created Project.

Right Click Project and select “Deploy Configurations to Cloud”.

Add your Template, which you want to Deploy.

Click Next and Select you Solution, which you have created on Cloud Container.