Please help on Audit DB clean up


Would like to know how can we go ahead with data delete or archive from audit log DB.
Can we use stored procs to archive data to other tables?
what is the impact if data is deleted from WMERROR,WMSESSION and WMSERVICES tables?
Please suggest.
I hope wmusers must be having answers to my question.

Thanks !

The best way to deal with this, is to configure and use WmMonitor Archive components.

After that you have 3 choices for deleting data:

1- Use stored procedures (if you know the syntax).
2- Use Monitor built in services.
3- Use MWS UI porlets.

As far as I remember WM* tables are used only for auditing and not runtime. If you delete data you loose audit information, that’s all.

Anyway configure and use Archive from WmMonitor.

Hi Please think on the below lines:

1.We need to have separate/different archive schema with Archive tables installed to setup the Audit data archival in webMethods 7.1.2. (Please refer to database component configurator documentation for installation of the archive components).

2.Use the archive services provided by webMethods or write some wrapper services for the built in archive services

----Venkata Vidya Sagar P

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