cleanup log details Atomatically

Hi Team,

i would like to cleanup the MFT(ActiveLog,EventLog,Transactions) log details Automatically.

please let me know any properties can i add or modify and where.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Vishnu,

are these just single files or are they rolled over due to a policy?

See ActiveTransfer Users Guide or Administrators Guide if there a hints on this,


Hi Holger von Thomsen,

Their is no such Information in Documentation regarding cleanup or Archive or delete logs.

The Active file Transfer logs are stored in bellow tables.


is their any mechanism like TN Archive to Archive Active File Transfer Logsā€¦Please let me know

Thanks in Advance

Hi Vishnu,

is there a Built-In Services Guide for ActiveTransfer?

If yes, there should be a service descirbed for archiving data.

Is there a possibility in MWS ActiveTransfer UI?

If not, you can try to write your own JDBC Adapter services to do so.


You can set the log roll off by specifying the number of files and the size of the log file in the MFT properties file, after which the log roll of will occur automatically. You dont have to manually delete it. If you have disk issues you can write a script to copy the logs off the MFT directory to some other directory