Server Log Location?

Where is the Active Transfer Server Log Location? I can see it via MWS, but where is it on-disk? Or is it in the database?

I followed Section 12 in the AT documentation “Configuring Logging in the Installation Directory” - but this didn’t work after an IS restart… I assume I look in instances/default/logs… I’m not sure how to trouble-shoot this. This is my XML snippet from log_config.xml:

<logger name="com.softwareag.mft" additivity="false">
	<level value="info"/>
	<appender-ref ref="Product.ActiveTransfer"/>

<9-8_Managing_File_Transfers_with_ActiveTransfer> - P176

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Check @ E:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_default\logs\ActiveTransfer.log
It should be here as per your log4j configs.


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Above information is correct only. Just wanted to add, besides the ActiveTransfer.log you may have to look into wrapper.log - in combination, in-order to identify certain errors (have to search by Active Transfer in the wrapper logs).