User Management

Hi Team,

We want to see the users who logged into ths IS admin page and also when they log out of it .

Is there any setting we can do to see this?

Also, Please let us know how to give access to someone to login in IS page but they should not be able to do any changes in IS Admin page.

Thanks in advance

You can get the user session info by services present in WmRoot or look into WMSESSION table.

Check IS administration guide for the extended setting and I think there is nothing as such for your use-case but give it a try.

Reg. the read access you can create a package similar to WmRoot but this package will only have read and list access on the all the options of IS exposed to the user who logs in to the home page of this package.

Check on the forum and there is a step by step instructions to set this package.

Yes there is nothing available out of box but you can indeed customize the IS Administrator portal to your own Dashboard type and assign the ACL;s to restrict the user access for some of the admin portal screens you want to give view (readOnly) access etc…



I know that GCS has a tool for this: WxISReadOnlyConsole.

It seems to me that it is not a bullet proof solution, so several configurations may still be needed.

Anyway, you can talk with your local GCS representative and see if this fits.

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There might be one but I personally don’t suggest due to the facts below.

Not worth spending on such tools
You can easily create one by yourself as I have done one in the past for v8 and v9. Hopefully one soon for 10.x

Also my personal voice is that sag should provide these sort of utilities with their product suite as their pricing and licensing is way more than other tools in the market.

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Fully agree with you, M@he$h.

Just wanted to point out the existence of this tool which may have matured since I last saw it.

Depending on the relationship between one’s company and SAG GCS, this tool might be cheap (I have no cost details, this is just conjecture).

As for the inclusions of such tools in the standard offering, I agree with you.

Separate access to IS console based on user rights should be a standard.

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YES looking forward for this feature as standard in the future release :)-