User access in WM

I got a request to give access to a user for some IS servers in WM
the version of WM is 6.5,
I have no idea where i can give access to the users, and whats is
NAT IP Please xplain
It will be a great help…

Refer the webMethods Administrator User’s Guide - Chapter 2 - under Defining Users for your requirement.

You can get the doc under the webMethods installation Folder if you have selected it during installation of the product
You can get it from Empower

If you have the IS Administrator page access,then browse to this path

Security–> User Management → Local User Management → click on
Add and Remove Users

Pls review the ISAdministrator’s userguide for more information on the user setup/permissions


And about NAT

Not really related to granting access to IS :smiley:

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