Restricting User access to a DSP page.


We have a requirement where we want to restrict User access to a DSP page only, it is a custom made dsp to enable/ disable triggers and scheduled task and notifications.

User should be able to login and perform task in DSP page

e.g. http://localhost:5555/BMC_Administration/groupControl.dsp user should login to this URL and perform enable and disable task.

however should not have access to main IS admin page http://localhost:5555/.

i read about assigning ACL via .access file , however doesn’t seem to be working here . please help.

could someone please help here?

Hi Ahmed, I see you have already posted your question to the Integration Server Admin and Configuration forum. That’s a better forum than this one.

The Application Platform product does not interact with DSP pages at all. It’s a different product technology. Customers would developer JSP pages instead.