Version Incompatibility ApplinX9.9

  1. For this Support Incident: “5239584 Not able to save changes in flow procedure” issue, we downloaded and applied hotfix- as per your suggestion. The actual mappings issue is resolved after installing this hotfix (hotfix- However, we are getting the Version Incompatibility message while connecting to the server in ApplinX - Software AG Designer tool. Could you please help me how to resolve this Version Incompatibility message issue?

  2. Also for one of my applications, after moving gxar from 9.5 to 9.9 version, getting the message (Database entities changed) after the movement is successful loaded. As the message is saying “the following entities were changed”, do i still need to take any action or the desinger tool has done the work for me?

PFA the screen shot for more information.
applinx upgrade issues.docx (27.7 KB)

  1. Version incompatibility means that one of the components isn’t on the same PL as the rest of them. Most often this is because the web application wasn’t updated when you applied the Hotfix. When applying the HF you should make sure you apply it to the Server, Designer, Web application and the Administrator. Usually, when the server, designer and administrator are on the same machine this happens automatically and you’re left with upgrading the web application using the web application manager.
    If they are not on the same machine, you’ll need to run the HF installation in each machine that holds the mentioned components and it will update the proper component. From the error message you’ve attached it seems that the Designer wasn’t updated so you should run the HF installation on the machine where the Designer runs.

  2. The second message is because the JDBC/ODBC default driver isn’t supported with Java8 anymore. Therefore, when the upgrade finds properties to the MDB DB it has to remove them. You should go and manually fix this by setting the properties to allow connection to a supported DB or provide a new JDBC/ODBC driver to connect to MDB.


Hi Gadi, thank you for your response.

After re-installing the hot fix, the “Version Incompatibility” message is not appearing now.

Could you please let me know why i am seeing the below message in the logs?

[Request_Handler_Binary] INFO > Unknown client version

Please note that Applinx9.9 and application server (weblogic11g) is running on java1.7_b80


Hi Janardhan,

This is an info message that tells us that we’re unable to detect the client version.
Recently we inserted client versions to have more informative messages when there’s a version mis-match between components. This message means that the client version wasn’t detected. If everyting is working ok for you - this shouldn’t worry you.
Some clients, for example, our binary clients, don’t have version details.


Hi Gadi,

Yes, functionality is working fine till now after remapping some missing mappings when we imported gxars from 9.5 to 9.6.

When you say Client here, is it a java code?

We also have two html emulations applications and i think they are not working due to the same version incompatibility issue. When i access that emulation application, i am seeing it in the logs.

2016-06-14 12:41:35,850 [Request_Handler] WARN > Session : User is not connected
2016-06-14 12:41:35,983 [Request_Handler] INFO > Unknown client version
2016-06-14 12:41:35,984 [Request_Handler] WARN > Session : : User is not connected
2016-06-14 12:41:36,244 [Request_Handler] INFO > Unknown client version
2016-06-14 12:41:36,245 [Request_Handler] WARN > Session : : User is not connected
2016-06-14 12:41:36,450 [Request_Handler] INFO > Unknown client version
2016-06-14 12:41:36,451 [Request_Handler] WARN > Session : : User is not connected
2016-06-14 12:41:36,632 [Request_Handler] INFO > Unknown client version
2016-06-14 12:41:36,634 [Request_Handler] WARN > Session : : User is not connected
2016-06-14 12:41:36,777 [Request_Handler] INFO > Unknown client version


Hi Gadi,

I tried running the emulation application directly in Applinx9.9 desinger tool as a new web applicaiton using “Web Application Manager” option by right clicking the selected application. After deployment in tomcat successfully, getting the below message after i accessed the application url.

Error Message: Your license terms do not support the requested operation.

I verified my license and it is currently has only SOA enabled “Web Enablement is disabled, SOA Enablement is enabled”

Since i installed only SOA license file, Could you please tell me how to install both license files?


We also placed the webenablement license file under common/conf and now application is working fine. Also this license issue is not displaying now in logs when i access web application. However, when i call index.jsp in web application…i am not getting the expected output instead, a character P is displaying on the webpage and there is no change in the url in address bar.

I kept some system.out’s in index.jsp and even they are not printing. Could you pls help?


Hi janadhan,

I’m glad to see that you figured out the license issue you had.
As for the web application issue remaining it’s hard to say what’s going on just from the description, sounds like the index isn’t run at all. Can you make sure the web application was deployed successfully? Are all the JAR files available?
I suggest to open a support call for this and we’ll continue investigating the issue.
Please make sure to include the GXAR, GCTs and the web application for reference.