General Availability (GA) of webMethods ApplinX 9.10

Dear ApplinX users

I’m happy to announce the General Availability (GA) of webMethods ApplinX 9.10 as a part of webMethods Suite 9.10 2016APR release.
The GA release is available for all ApplinX customers.

Here are the new features in this release:

Platform certifications
ApplinX now supports the following:

  • Java 8
    The ApplinX code now compiles with Java 8, which means that customers can use Java 8 syntax in their ApplinX web applications.
  • Windows 10
    The Windows 10 platform is now supported.
  • Eclipse 4.5
    The ApplinX Designer Eclipse is now version 4.5.
  • Microsoft Edge
    Microsoft’s Edge browser is now supported.

Updating to CentraSite
You can now update an ApplinX application to CentraSite; this updates the assets that were changed since last registration/update.
See Update the Application to CentraSite.

Font Size
The following changes have been made to font size handling in this version:

  • Default font size for web application is ‘Dynamic by resolution’ instead of 13px.
  • In the fontSize combo box in the Configuration and Emulation windows, you can select font size from 10-24px (10, 12, 14, 16… 24px). See The HTML Emulation Toolbar.
  • In the fontSize combo box in the Emulation window, the new option ‘Default’ allows you to use the font size defined in Configuration.
    This is the default value in the Emulation window. See Enabling the User to Control the Font Size.

ApplinX product and documentation have been updated to match the new Software AG look-and-feel.

Parameter DocType is no longer applicable for Framework Configuration - all pages now have the HTML5 doctype.
However, the option was retained in the configuration window for reasons of backward compatibility.
You can remove this obsolete option if you prefer.

This version is now available for download from Empower under the name ApplinX (v9.10 SP0)

Best regards,
Gadi Benedek
ApplinX R&D Product Manager


A quick note to let you know that when I bring in our Applinx 9.9 applications, and perform an “Upgrade to an existing web application” via the Web Application Manager, nothing works. The pages do not sync with the mainframe anymore. Interestingly, if I do not perform the upgrades, but just install the applications, they work great, no problems at all. Also, I keep getting errors in the Designer Log that never showed up before. I have attached the Log for you.



Error.log (20.2 KB)

We tested again and couldn’t reproduce the problems you’ve obsereved.

I suggest to open a support call to continue the investigation, please make sure to send us the server logs, web application logs, application GXAR file and a GCT file to run against.
If possible the web application itself can be useful too.