Applinx jump from 5.2.4 to 8.0

In the jump from version 5.2.4 t0 8.0, have I missed something? Is this a new product such as WebMethods Applinx, or is it truly a jump from 5.2.4 to 8.0? This is very important to me in planning as we run both Windows and Linux versions.



The jump from version 5.2.4 to 8.0 contains many improvements especially in the area of the ApplinX development environment. Now all is in Eclipse.

The name change to webMethods ApplinX is pure marketing decision. There are also changes regarding prize. Now we differentiate between SOA and Web Edition.

Please note this news is only important to know for new customers. As an existing and maintenance paying customer you can update your environment when ever you decide to go to version 8. Nothing will change. For deprecated functionality please refer to the release notes and documentation.
We will have a public announcement regarding version 8 in a couple of days.


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