ApplinX version 8 is now available!

Release of ApplinX v8.0 Enhances
Application Modernization Suite

Dear ApplinX Community,

We are pleased to announce the release of ApplinX v8.0. This new release enhances the webMethods Application Modernization Suite and continues to help organizations maintain a steady and cost-saving path for modernizing their core systems especially in the face of current economic uncertainty. Both the Web Edition and the SOA Edition of the Suite incorporate this new ApplinX functionality. Users of these two editions will gain increased productivity and will attain additional business value from enhanced Web user interfaces.

Product Highlights:
The webMethods Application Modernization Suite enables organizations to bridge the “resource gap” by getting more value out of what they already have. Specifically, ApplinX v8.0 allows organizations to better utilize mainframe assets and take advantage of advanced Web services protocols.
ApplinX provides new capabilities for the Web Edition and the SOA Edition:
For both the Web and the SOA Edition, design-time development can now be done in a standard Eclipse framework, with wizards and other tools allowing quicker results.

For the Web Edition, ApplinX v8.0:

  • supports new AJAX features like partial page rendering to reduce screen size and thereby reduce network traffic.
  • features automated life cycle support, for easy migration of ApplinX applications from development to test and production environments.
  • provides an HTML preview feature. Transformations and patterns can now be tested from inside the Eclipse development environment.

For the SOA Edition:
ApplinX supports the new Software AG Web service stack:

  • is based on Axis2 v1.3, Rampart 1.3 (WS-Security) and additional Axis2 Modules
  • WS-stack APIs for services, clients, service archive packaging and deployment
  • Eclipse configuration Editor (.aar and Policy Editor)

ApplinX product marketing related information can be found in the fact sheet enclosed to this announcement.
For Software AG customers, a lot of self training material is available on [url][/url]

best regards,
SAG_WMApplinX_FS_27Oct08-D2.pdf (126 KB)