Validating structure of EDI docs with own schema's.


Hopy you know this situation.
I have an inbound EANCOM D96A INVOIC. I have created extensive validation code which can identify over 130 different errors and can inform the sender very neatly of the problems found with the INVOIC. All this is done in custom flows on the IS. I recognize the INVOIC with the out-of-box installed EDI document type. But when I want to validate the structure in TN as well, I gives me all sorts of errors that I don’t agree with. For instants, it nags about every missing PRI segment, but we don’t use that segment. I have created my own schema and my own dictionairy. But how do I let TN recognize the INVOIC, and validates it’s structure by refering to my own schema? Because you cannot edit EDI doctypes in TN console, I can’t change wich schema it uses for validating the structure. Do you know how to do this?

Also I tried to create a flatfile schema then, and disabled the installed EDI EANCOM D96A INVOIC. My thought was to let this flat file schema do the recognizing and then validating it’s structure with my schema, because if you create your own ff doctype in TN, you can edit it and hence specify which schema it’s supposed to use. But I can’t get it to be recognized then. The EANCOM envelope get recognized, it’s sender and receiver do to, but it goes to default rule and ignores it. I check the content of the ‘unknown doc’ and im seeing everything I need there, like type, sendID, reciever ID, version, standard, but if I try to pipline match that, I still get nothing.:confused:

So now Im out of options. And what I really wanted was to check if the structure of my inbound invoice was correct and if there where illegals signs in it, like comma’s and such right in TN. Because it’s hard to do those kinda checks in IS.

If any of you would reply… THX