Best way to validate EDI Outbound messages

I am trying to create a generic EDI outound validation for all the EDI outbounds.Please help me to list down the possile methods to perform EDI outbound data validation.
1.Check the Validate Structure option in Processing Rule->Pre Processing
2.Validate the message against the schema in the WM service.

Thanks in advance

Your both 1&2 options are the generic ways to deal with segment/content validation using via flow (convertToString or pub.schema:validate against its FFSchema) and TN validation (compliance check,duplicate cntrl check with TPA’s), before sending EDI document for outbound delivery… My few cents!!

Thanks rmg,
I found that convertToString is not giving the errorAray for bad EDI messages.convertToValues validates the message properly and gives the error message in case if the Inbound EDI is bad.

Decided to go with own validation service :slight_smile:

Does pub.schema:validate not work for you?