EDI Validate

Hi Members,

I am using WM 9.5 and EDI AS2 X12 5010 standard.

I have questions?

  1. How to validate EDI message, in such a way that it will show me exact place at segment level or line level where it’s failed?
  2. Like in Tibco we have EDI SEM or EDI sem tool name which ask you input EDI standard/version and message type and at the end it will show you exact places where this EDI messages is getting failed like segment level or line or column ?

So in SAG side Do we have any such standard tool which give me output with all failed message or Do we have any open source software/tool to validate EDI X12 ?

Hi Vinay,

Assuming that you have the EDI module and that 9.5 version works the same as 8.2, you validate using the wm.b2b.edi:convertToValues or pub.flatFile:convertToValues service.

More details are provided in the SAG documentation.


Yes in order for EDI transactions parsing/validation you need to use this service
wm.b2b.edi:convertToValues (set inputs as validate=true and maxErrors=-1 and returnErrors=as Array,EDIFFSchema=full schema path)