Easy EDI Solution

We current have a warehouse management system with the capability to output a somewhat formatted 211 EDI document. I’ve attached a copy of the 211. Each line on the 211 is a seperate line coming from our WMS and I have copied the data to an oracle table to process the record better. I need to move this data to a 211 flat file schema so that I can envelope and send to TN, but I do not want to have to parse through the string data field by field to move to the 211 schema. Does anyone have suggestion on the easiest why to get this data formatted correctly to post to TN.
211Document.xls (13.5 KB)

The document from WMS appears to be a valid 211 transaction set.

Can you describe the end result you’re looking for instead of the technical process you’re pursuing? Perhaps we can suggest an approach that is simpler than what you appear to be attempting.


The easiest way would be if WMS can give you as a text file instead of excel file then you can load it via getFile service and do bytesTostring (edidata) and then call addICEnvelope WmEDI service for enveloping etc… and your are done.

Same thing we have done in one of my previous project…


The information is coming as text, I just put it in a spreadsheet to show the example. Each row on the spreadsheet is a seperate text record on the database, I could concatenate all the fields in to one big string, then convert using the bytes to string and addICEnvelope, but I also need to validate that the EDI I am sending is good, for instance e02 without an e03(qualifier without any data after it).

We are trying to use the data from WMS to output to are customers requesting this data, the only issue is validation on the EDI data and the fact that the WMS system sends each segment as a seperate text string. I have to put all the segment together a wrap the Interchange around the text.

Why are you writing the lines to a DB? Seems like a waste of cycles.

You can use the validation service within the EDI package. What will you do if the EDI isn’t valid?


I’m posting the data to a Oracle Table due to the fact that the file on our WMS is strickly a texted file with no other attributes. I have know way of knowing whether or not I’ve already posted the 211 when I received it and when the record was processed. I’ve added some of those controls to the custom table I created through a webMethods service. We have BA that might have to re-generate the data due to failure and they can do this by modifying a processing flag on the custom table.

If the EDI data is invalid I would through an error that we would capture and send it through a service I developed that would email individual about the failure so that the 211 could be fixed and resent.

So in order to validate ST level data then you have to use convertToValues service and if it validates true then call convertToString and finally envelope it.