Using Device Name in instant aplication

I have got a bit of the problem with instant web application in Applinx 8.2

The backend system use for each user unique device name.
I am able to develop by define new display session definition where can set this

but how to configure web application to use unique device name?

Thanks for any hint


Hi Marian,

In order to set the web application to use a unique device name, you should refer to OR , if you’re working with .NET, GXBasicWebform.cs/vb.

If you look at the gx_initSessionConfig method, you’ll notice the following commented code:

// for device name 
            //gx_appConfig.getSessionConfig().addVariable(GXBaseObjectConstants.GX_VAR_DEVICE_NAME, "<YOUR_DEVICE_NAME>");

Uncomment this code and replace “<YOUR_DEVICE_NAME>” with the proper unique device name.

Please let me know if that did the job for you.
Best regards,
Ohad M.

Thank You
it was i needed