Re-generate IDL files question

We are starting a new project which will make extensive use of the Java wrapper and RPC to execute mainframe subprograms from our application server.
When I generate the IDL, it does some basic character substution (eg # to _) so that the generated fields meet the Java rules.
Those names are fairly ugly so we have been editing the IDL file manually to change the names (so #MEMBER-COUNT becomes memberCount instead of _member_count )
The problem is this: if we change the PDA we cannot re-generate the IDL because then all our edits get lost.
Other than manually editing the IDL each time we change a PDA is there a way to make those name mappings without losing the ability to re-generate the IDL?
I tried creating an XMM mapping but the workbench ignores the XMM mappings when generating the Java wrapper.

I am using EntireX workbench


Hello Raymond,

I do not see a possibility to do this automatically at the moment.
If you are going to change the PDA you need to keep a copy of the IDL file, regenerate the IDL file and then merge the necessary changes.

Thanks. We are actually going with a workaround.
Basically we create a Java class which contains the data fields using the correct names. The class also includes all the ‘set/get’ methods allowing us to treat the class like a bean. We also create another wrapper class which we call the DataAccessor. This includes the code to use the Java wrapper and move the generated names to the bean. This isolates our bean class from the data implementation, while still allowing us to re-generate our IDL file at will.