Change Java Wrapper Generation

I have been asked to migrate an existing interface application to Java. I need to talk to Natural using EntireX Broker. I have found how to generate Java Wrappers from IDL files and how to create a customized class for the wrapper classes to inherit from. I would really like to be able to modify the wrapper generation code so that I have greater control over the classes that are created. Once thing in particular I would like to be able to add would be annotations. It would be really slick if I could figure out how to generate a REST service (Jax-RS) based off if the IDL. I have seen a couple of threads regarding changing the Java template but they terminate at “java generation doesn’t use a template”.

I have 500+ methods to migrate so being able to have greater control over the final generated classes would really be helpful.

There is no template, but you might want to use the “Java customization class” ?
See doc here:

If your aim is to use REST then you could also use the webservice stack.


Not sure if this will help, but there was a TECHniques newsletter article talking about using EntireX for REST services here: