Construct generated objects - Java wrapper

Anybody out there using Java wrappers from Construct generated maintenance and browse objects? Our Natural Programmers are using these Construct generated for the mainframe screens and management would like us to use these same object for our Java (JSP) applications. Right now I’m using the Java wrapper created from the EntireX workbench. I create a Java bean to store the data in a format that I can understand. I then create a program which calls the Broker, gets the data, stores it to the bean and logs off. When an update is required, I call broker passing the data from the bean to the mainframe subprogram. This is a tedious process since I need to create the bean with all the fields that I need, and call the “getters” and “setters” for each field to pass the data to and from the bean. Seems like a lot of work. I’m still setting up the logic, while my Natural friends have already designed the screen and have moved on to other things.

I’m open to suggestions…

Any documentation out there on what I’m trying to accomplish?