Changing .java naming convention when generating a java client

Hi all,

I have a quick question on the auto generation capabilities of this:

Generate java from software AG IDL

The Java source code of the generated client interface object. The library name is used to build the file name and the class name. Do not change this file.

Is there a way to change the in the generate process to perhaps be based solely on a module?
If I were to select only one subprogram to generate java for, just apply that name to the
.java and the
.class generated (not the library name).

CALCN1.NSN lives in PRXX
when generated it is and prxx.class

what we really need is and calacn1.class

At the moment I am getting around it by renaming the generated .java, then doing a rename on the type within the .java to fix the naming convention.
(The concept behind this is we have multiple services that we would rather be called individually on a per instance rather then dealing with the whole package).

Thank you.

Simply define, at the library level, an alias in your IDL.

Library '<Library name>':'<Alias name>' is
  program 'CALCN1' is 

The will be used instead of when generating the .java

Thank you for the response as always Wolfgang,

While this does work, it still is a bit of a hassle to manually edit the idl and regenerate the .java (and the corresponding .class).

Additionally, the newly (properly named) generated class is populated in a different folder structure to what I currently have set up for this project.

It is not too much of a hassle for me to manually rename the generated .java, then doing a rename type to recompile the class, i’ll just have to do them one at a time after generation (The main purpose behind this is to keep it modular and each service call unique).

What would be nice is in the automated ‘Generate Java Client’ is the ability to also control the output generated .java/.class name (i.e the ability insert the alias name at this point prior to extracting the idl).

Hi all,

I am new to naturalone. I have used netbeans before to create web applications and I have used JSP.
So I have followed the same concept in NaturalOne and created the beans in my JSP to instantiate the java object and the use the get methods to display in my JSP. But I am not able to display the data on my JSP.

Are there any jar files that I need to declare in order for my beans to work or any import I have to do in my JSP.