Program names upon generating IDL/XMM from WSDL

Wolfgang is familiar with this from SAG-L, but I am not getting anywhere there.

Due to changes in the Designer tool with fixes I am getting, I now have two services for this project that both generate the IDL with the service program name of PROCESS. Since at least one requires a stub, it messes up the non-stub program, nor would I be able to have two stubs with the same name. Since it generates this from something it sees in the WSDL, that’s nothing I seem to have any control over.

I was inquiring about how to change this, but when I change it in the IDL outline mode, it loses it’s connection to the XML mapping that was generated. The only way I can think of to fix this is to re-generate the XMM from the IDL but a warning now pops up that I will lose some key information that Designer put in there. Also, R&D chided me for doing this and said I should never ever modify the generated XML mappings by re-generating them using SOAP mappings instead of the customized ones.

I wondered if I should utilize the new option in Designer where the program name is the alias instead, but when I tried this on another service, it doesn’t seem to know it’s a registered service by the service library & program anymore.

I have no idea where to go from here.

Please advise.

Hi Brian, I am on vacation next week - otherwise you could have Netviewer seesion with me as Global Supporter .

The way to go is : when you extract IDL from WSDL , do not use alias name; uncheck Designer option to generate unique short names.
This will give you simple one name - no alias - for example:
library ‘Brian’ is
program ‘isTheBest’ is

Next step - to achive full control over name:
Right click IDL >>> Edit Software AG mapping
On the rightmost Outline pane rightClick on the program name (isTheBest) , Rename, choose your name - and save.
Do Save, you will get:
library ‘Brian’ is
program ‘Johnson’ is

If the IDL and XMM get out of sync (it should not) - bypass is to delete the IDL; right click on .xmm , Open with, choose XML Mapping Editor.
This will create the IDL from .xmm

Please follow Empower Fixes tree for latest Designer fixes for your version; there were quite a few on this issue.

I dealt with such incidents using Global Support tickets - you can try.

Next week in beautiful Bavaria, Shmuel

Hi Shmuel,

I didn’t know you could delete the IDL and have Designer generate it backwards from the XMM. I will work with that and see if I can retrofit some sensible names for the service IDL library and program so we can have them make sense.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities for the Netviewer session… this is just the tip of the iceberg for the EntireX problems I am facing.