Java/WebSphere/Natural Construct/Adabas

I am looking into create a web interface for an application developed using Natural Construct/ADABAS. It must be developed using Java on the front end and WebSphere as the middleware.
Since Construct already separates presentation and business/i-o, it becomes easier to plan :slight_smile: .

My question is about the front end, Java/WebSphere…
Anybody has done that before?
Any input will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I do not have web or java experience :cry:

Enclosed is a simple JSP example to call a Java RPC Wrapper that should get you started.

Open the IDL in the EntireX Workbench and generate your Java Wrapper there. Deploy the generated class files and the html/jsp pages to your web server (Websphere). (2.19 KB)