Adabas Stored Procedure

I would like to get the details of creating Adabas stored procedure and the accessing them from a web front end.
I would alos lik eto get information on the pre-requesite on having this function enabled.

If anyone could share on any experiences on deploying/implementation that would be great too.

By stored procedure, do you really mean the way in which SPaTs are implemented in Adabas, or are you approaching this from an understanding of stored procedures as they are implemented in other DBMSs (like Oracle)? My assumption here is that it’s the latter.

You cannot create something like a PL/SQL object and store it in Adabas and execute it… that functionality does not exist. Adabas SQL Gateway, the product under which this topic is filed, allows for SQL statements in programs to be used to select from Adabas as a data source.

Adabas does have stored procedures. They are implemented as Natural subprograms and can be invoked by calling the TSP entry point. If you wanted to invoke it from a web front end you would need to determine which integration or modernization approach best fits your needs.

I am unclear what your needs are.

Thanks for the response,
I am looking at accessing Adabas data in the Mianframe to the web front end. I have Services which can be written in Natural by having data Parameters.

But how can we invoke/execute natural objects from a web front end. What are all the environment changes needed, what drivers shall be needed in the PC system to access the Natural Objects in the Mainframe.

If a documentation relating to these requirements can be shared, would be great.

I am still foggy on your requirements. Do you just need to have someone log in and run a program, or are you looking for integration methods? You can have a browser-based 3270 emulator like OC WebConnect that can be configured. You can use a modernization tool like ApplinX to build apps that will log on and run your code for you. You can use the very rich-featured EntireX to wrap this subprogram as a SOAP object or other type of object and use standards-based integration approaches (i.e., call your Natural subprogram as a web service).

So many ways to skin this cat.