Wrapping a Natural subprogram as a REST/JSON web service

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Are you able to suggest how we can wrap a Natural subprogram as a REST/JSON web service?

We have been using Designer to create SOAP web services, but have been asked to supply REST/JSON.

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You can’t get JSON out of an EntireX wrapped service, for REST please have a look at


Thank you, Wolfgang.

If your company should happen to have webMethods Integration Server as well as EntireX, you could easily expose it as JSON :wink:

Thank you, Finn, we’ll check our license.


We use WCF service to wrap and extract data via EntireX and sub programs.
You can use the Eclipse tool to generate the code, but we found it better to write it and only use the EntireX dll.

With MVC we do some Json and ajax calls after retrieving the data from the mainframe.

That is because we do not have a webmethods licence.

If you need more info regarding the WCF, please do not hesitate to ask.


we use Integration Server with its EntireX adapter to publish Natural modules as services. It’s quite easy and you can provide SOAP and REST services with only a few clicks. The implementation details are discussed here: REST implementation on Integration Server.

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We recently tried WebMethods Integration server but management did not buy it. :cry:

Hope anyone can give us a clue, so we can start developing this on Eclipse…