Using gx_updatePagePart(panelId)


I have an instant solution using APX 8.1.

It is required to update the GXPagePlaceHolder panel using AJAX (on host key press).
Is this possible and if so how?

I have configured supportPartialPageRendering=“true” in gx_appConfig.xml.


Is there anybody who can possibly answer this question?



we are trying to test it here, but could you please specify whether your application is a java or a .net?


Thanks Tanya.

It is a Java application…


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Place a gx:div tag around the GXPagePlaceHolder like this:

<gx:div id="instantPanel">
      <gx:placeholder id="GXPagePlaceHolder">Design time page content</gx:placeholder>
  1. Now you’ll have to override the default behavior of the PF buttons on your keyboard. Go to config/gx_keyboardMappings.xml and add the following line :

<GXKeyboardMapping additionalKey="0" keyCode="114" targetFunction="gx_updatePagePart('instantPanel');gx_SubmitKey('[PF3]')"/>

This will change the behavior of the PF3 key (keyCode=114), however, the same has to be done for the rest of the keys.

We tested it here and it seems to work OK, but if your application contains generated pages , we do not recommend applying partial page rendering to the instant placeholder.

Hope this helps,

Hi Ohad,

I have implemented and tested this on-site and it works well.

Thank you for your help…