User already attached error

Hello Everyone,

What can cause this error:

User XXX(session_id) already attached.



it means there is a session with the same id. Try opening Applinx Administrator and see the sessions view. You will probably find the session with the same ID there.


Thank you Tanya for quick replay, but I have a next question.
How can it be that on the same server I could have sessions with the same ID?
I tought that sessions must have a uniqe ID.



Try checking whether you defined the session id. The two places that come to my mind are session properties in the designer and in gx_appConfig.xml of in the web application.

Hope it helps.


I encountered this type of problem when there were multiple web applications using the same host. The default session id needed to be qualified by an application identifier in order to ensure that the different applications each had their own session.

In the gx_initSessionConfig() method (I’m using the VB names), add a line like:

gx_appConfig.SessionConfig.SessionId = "MYAPP_" + gx_appConfig.SessionConfig.SessionId 

where MYAPP is some sort of identifier for each application. Or tweak the gx_appConfig.xml session id value for each application.

Thank you Tanya and Douglas for your suggestions.

I am not quite sure that this error depends on the session id.
I’ve changed the gx_appConfig.xml session id value, but it didn’t help.

Maybe the problem exist at the interface of ApplinX → Mainframe.

I give you a detailed description of case:

I have an application with a JSP generated pages. On one of them I have a search form.
I select some options on it and submit it. In next step I should see a page with a counter, which counts records.
On a web browser I only see the screenlocker page, nothing else.
On ApplinX Administrator (in session view) I see the window with the record counter.
After more then a minute, in the same time when the record counter shows the results (in session view),
the search form page is reloading and the “User already attached error” appears.

In server log I have this:

2011-01-13 14:51:39,394 [W00005_Request_Handler] WARN > WebDev:E9CF9C8B64CB54003FBD7DDEE23A7B40: Wait Host Quiet failed
2011-01-13 14:51:39,394 [W00005_Request_Handler] WARN > WebDev:E9CF9C8B64CB54003FBD7DDEE23A7B40: Wait condition timed out
2011-01-13 14:52:06,413 [W00008_Request_Handler] WARN > GXUser$UserAlreadyAttachedException: User E9CF9C8B64CB54003FBD7DDEE23A7B40 is already attached

The most interesting thing is that when I’ve adjusted the ‘Wait condition timeout’ parameter in host activity of my application, from default 60000 ms to 120000 ms, the "User already attached error’ didn’t appear.


The record counter screen keeps the “Wait Host Quiet” condition from being met as the host is not quiet. Increasing the timeout allows it to wait for the record counting to finish.

This is probably an application condition: how are you handling the Wait timeout condition in your JSP page?


I didn’t handle the Wait condition timeout in my JSP page, because I didn’t know that this kind of window (with record counter) could generate the user already attached error.
So I’ll try to add the wait time condition in my JSP page and I’ll let you know if this helps.