Timeout in Server Log

We have some long running Natural Programs that may take several minutes to respond back to ApplinX with data. I have encountered one that seems to work sometimes, and at other times, it doesn’t. In this process, the jsp page collects the input data and then sends it to the mainframe. The Natural program is processing but no data is transmitted for several minutes. I see in the log that some sort of timeout has occurred. It seems to be every minute. Where can I find this particular timer and can I reset it to be longer. It has nothing to do with any Path, and I have not set any Flicker parameter anywhere. In this particular process, there are no parameters in the Wait tab of the applicable Paths. My Session Host tab has a Non-activity timeout of 900 seconds. I have attached a gif of the log at the timeout point. Any ideas would be appreciated.



Hi Joe,

ApplinX has a default “host quiet” timeout of one minute.
On that specific screen you need ApplinX to wait longer, this is what you should do:

In your gx_processHostKeyRequest method (it’s In GXBasicContext.java, unless you overriden it in the generated page) , add the following code:

if (getGXSession().getScreen().getName().equals(“screenName”)){ //screenName = the_screen_that_runs_the_long_proccess
if (sendKeyRequest.getKeys().equals("[theKey]")){ // theKey = the_Key_that_runs_the_long_proccess
long timeout = 120000; // Max amount of time to wait for host response in miliSeconds
GXGetScreenRequest gsr = new GXGetScreenRequest();
gsr.addWaitCondition(new GXWaitHostQuiet(timeout,0));

Hope this helps,
Ohad M.

Thanks, Ohad, I appreciate the assistance.