Explicit Step in ApplinX does not wait for Screen

I’ve set up a Path procedure in ApplinX which first navigates to a screen and then tries to fill in some fields using a explicit step.

There are 2 possible results to be expected:

  1. confirmation message
  2. error message

Therefore I’ve added both screens to the assigned target screens and each of them is identified correctly.

Executing the procedure in debug mode everythings works fine. But if i execute the procedure in normal mode, it often exits with an ApplinX error message, that the host screen is not “errror or confirmation screen” but “fill-in screen”.

So it seems to be some kind of timeout, waiting, racecondition error.
There are currently no wait conditions set. If I set wait conditions on both “error” and “confirmation” screen, then the procedure is stuck in an infinity loop.

Any help would be appreciated.

Problem solved:
The wait condition I was searching is named: Wait for: All expected screens.
Though it seems that this condition is working as “Wait for any expected screens”