Timeout connecting to Host

Hi all,
I’ve just installed applinx and applinx server and I cannot connect to the server from Designer. I’m typing user and password (it doesn’t validate the password).
Error #5002: GXClientBaseObject$GXServerErrorException: Timeout connecting to Host.

Server 9.12, natural 8.3.8

Hi Naria

Is this a first-time install or an upgrade?

Are the ApplinX server and the designer running in the same operating system instance? If not, often this problem is caused by firewalls, NAT settings or other net-work issues. If your platform is Windows, you may try to start a command prompt and ping the server and do a “telnet yourserver 2323”. And check with “netstat -an” that port 2323 is being listened to.

I hope this helps.


Hi Bjarne,

for now, it’s a first time installation (I’ll bring the exported repository in a second stage).
Designer is in windows and server in linux. I’ve tested firewall and telnet, but nothing it’s been blocked.
Now, I’ll try the designer on the same machine, for tests.

Thank you.


are you able to run the ApplinX Administrator tool and connect to the server?

Hi Mr Kelly,

Yes. The port 22340 is also available.

Thank you.

Hi all,

just to finish this: Software AG sent me a customized object to solve the situation.
Thank you all!