ApplinX log error

Hi All,

Maybe Anyone has some idea for our problem,

Our business is still working on old ApplinX version (4.01.004) - but we are working on moving to 5.2.1 version (this will be implemented soon)

In current version our desktop application (written in VB 6.0) - this is a graphical user interface - fetches and sends data from/to Mainframe with use of ApplinX 4.x.x.

We are encountering such problem:

After executing some paths - all necessary info from Mainframe are fetched and presented the GUI application → user is not performing any action in the GUI application for some time (lets say 15 minutes).

After that when user is taking activity in application again - on ApplinX logs we observe such errors:

2008.07.23 11:27:43.609 (ERROR) User UPLXXMP Error reading from Host: Socket read failed

and no data are retrieved from Mainframe. Until user logs out from application and logs in.

Our suppliers (that has written the application) does not have idea what it means.

Can anyone have such experience?

I know that this is an old version, but maybe someone has encounter similar problem on newer ApplinX version.

Anyway - just wanted at least to try to find some help…

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Hi Marta,

In general this type of error comes when there is a problem in the socket communication and can reflect by network problems.

I guess that your VB application keeps ApplinX session socket opened all the time even when there is no activity by the user.
In ApplinX Web Applications each session get detached from ApplinX Server (close the socket) after getting response from the host and when the user ask for new activity (send key or execute path) against the host, the session get attached to ApplinX Server (opens new socket).
I would suggest to try working with attached/detached instead of keeping the session socket connected to ApplinX all of the session lifetime.

I hope it will help solving this problem.

Assaf Appel


Thanks a lot for your responce.
Your explanation is very good - and it is just like you are saying:
for some reasons (and it was designed that way) our application works as you have described.
I will contact with our system architect to discuss that point.

Once again- many thatnks for your help,