Applinx V4.7.3 hang up, unable to access applinx server

Can someone help us?

We’re using applinx 4.7.3 more than 2 years without any problem, but last two months we just facing connection issue with applinx. No one able to access to applinx server
When I logon to ApplinX Administrator console It’s seem hang (Freeze). The only one way is restart applinx server. Last two month we need to restart it almost every day. Do we have a basic investigation, resolution to solve the issue?

My server specification…

  • AIX 5.3
  • Maximum memory 4GB
  • Max JVM 1000MB as below…
    alm 266426 1 2 09:18:34 - 12:46 /usr/java14_64/bin/java -Xmx1000m -classpath /WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/gxserver.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/xerces.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/xalan.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/jsp-1_2-fcs-classfiles.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/webserver.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/jt400.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/jakarta-regexp-1.3.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/jregex1.2_01.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/axis-all.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/log4j-1.2.9b.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/jce-jdk13-119.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/j2ssh-core-0.2.2.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/jsse.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/jnet.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/jcert.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/ocrs12.jar:/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3/lib/ojdbc14.jar -Dcom.sabratec.gxhome=/WebApp/Applinx4.7.3 com.sabratec.applinx.server.runtime.GXServerContextStart

This is probably best handled as a support request - open a log with ServLine24.

Some things I can suggest to check (if you haven’t already):

  • disk space (for temporary files and logs)
  • repository - any database issues?