Applinx Server is randomly stopping

Hi all,

We are suddenly having problems with the Applinx Server stopping, apparently on it’s own. I have attached a log file that shows the chronology. In this log, it starts here:
2008-06-19 09:47:09,292 [Thread-34] INFO > Stopping server…
2008-06-19 09:47:09,293 [Thread-34] INFO > Service [Logon] Stopping service, 18 connections remain

I have a gut feeling that this is not an Applinx problem, but is instead related to Tomcat or Apache, or maybe the Linux partition we are running in. What I would appreciate is if you can look at the log and for this specific time period, identify any reason the server shuts down. I see some strange error messages that have never appeared before. Can you tell me what they really mean and why they would appear. Debugging this is a real challenge with so many pieces in the mix.


gxlog.txt 2008.06.19 10.09.41.log (195 KB)

Hi Joe,
Looking at the log file you sent me doesn’t helped me to see the problem.
Anyway, I pass it here to someone who has better knowledge then me and I’m hoping he can help us.
I will update you soon,

Hi again,
We can

Hi Asaf,

Unfortunately, my company has recently outsourced our mainframe and all related equipment to another firm. Since we run Applinx in a Linux partition on the mainframe, Linux was also outsourced to them. When this server shutdown occurred, I had no access or authority to review the Linux partition, I had to rely on the outsourcer company. They stated that they could not find any error, interrupt, or any other reason for the shutdown. They also checked Tomcat and Apache logs for any problems. Nothing was apparent. Now, their experience with Apache, Linux, and Applinx is extremely limited, and they may have missed things. Since I cannot look or poke around, I must rely on them. So, since it has not happened again, I must assume it was something they may have done in error or ignorance, and it will not happen again. I was hoping that you might see some reason for the shutdown in the log and that the errors listed might point me in the right direction.

Anyway, thanks for your help and if it happens again, I will try to gather more information immediately from the outsourcer and maybe the problem can be identified. (if there really is a problem)



I really hope that was one time failure.
Anyhow, we are here if you need something,
Have a great one,