How to connect to applinX 5.x.x from visual basic code 6.0?


I currently work on a project of upgrading ApplinX from version 4.01.0004 to (FYI: I work in the company that has a legal version of applinX)

The server is dedicated to the application written in Visual Basic 6.0.

A supplier which will perform necessary changes in the VB 6.0 application for my company did some kind of prototyping
and encountered problem with connecting to ApplinX via Visual Basic code.

In the previous version of ApplinX they were using “gxbasobj.dll” (which were located under: c\Program Files Sabratec\ApplinX).
This file was added in the visual basic project as a reference, then in the actual code an object of that DLL was created. Furthemore with use of this object it was possible to call different functions explored by “gxbasobj.dll” to get the info from mainframe.

Problem statement is that the supplier can not locate the gxbasobj.dll in the new version of ApplinX (5.2.1) and what comes the - it is not possible to connect from the VB code to ApplinX server.

Looking at the documentation I have a feeling that the new (5.2.1) ApplinX version do support applications written in Visual Basic .NET - does this mean that the existing application in VB 6.0 would have to be updated to VB .NET?? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Additionally :
the documentation says it is recommended to use Windows 2000 Server Edition and above to install ApplinX server,
however - is that any possibility to install it on Windows 2000 Professional (our licence key does not allow for that)?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Hi Marta,
Unfortunately, version 5.2.X no longer supports VB/ASP.
Version 5.1.3, which is still supported, is the last version which supports VB/ASP (using gxbasobj.dll).
We dropped the support of the old gxbasobj.dll, which was used mainly for the ASP framework, after Microsoft dropped their support for ASP.
There is no way to connect the old gxbasobj.dll with the Applinx server in version 5.2.X.

As for the license issue, I don

Hi Asaf,

Thank you very much for the answer!!

I will contact our local support in case we would need a new licence or version 5.1.3 (don’t know yet what the decision we will take).

Can you let me know for how long will the 5.1.3 version be supported?


Hi Asaf,

Please skip my question in the previous e-mail.

I got info from local support that version 5.1.3 will only be supported till the end of January 2008.

Thanks again fro your help,


Let me know if you need any more help from us.

Hi Asaf,

Sorry to bother you with that - but I,m not able to find that info - maybe you can provide it to me:
do you know when the version 4.01.0004 stopped to be supported?

If you know the answer - thanks in advance for your help!


Hi Marta,
According to our research APX_4.01.0004 stopped to be supported since 01/2005, which is about two years after it was released.