Add in for MS VS2008 on Applinx 5.2.4

We are using Applinx
This version supports add-in for MS VS2005 (Microsoft Visual Studio).

What we have to do when we have MS VS2008. One of my collegue tried
generate client for C# from webservice.

in generated source for client he founded unknown class or method

public FLogOutneuerVertragResponse FLogOutneuerVertrag(FLogOutneuerVertragRequest request) {
			return (FLogOutneuerVertragResponse)this.execute("FLogOutneuerVertrag", request, java.lang.Class.forName("inas_web.FLogOutneuerVertragResponse"));

and for C# in unknown method java.lang.Class.forName

is in this version of Applinx option to use VS2008? Some new add-in? Or we must using Applinx new version that supports VS2008?

Hope that understand me.

Thanks for any advice.

Applinx 5.2.x is not supported with VS2008.
So I don