Possibility of using ApplinX 5.2.1 for desktop application


From some time we are “fighting” with the problem connected to the upgrade of ApplinX that we are using in our architecture.

Our ApplinX is very old and unsupported from long time (4.01.0004)
Our application is a desktop application written in Visual Basic 6.0.

I know that version 5.2.x does not support VB (there is no gxbasobj.dll avaialable any more - that we used to use for connecting from our application to ApplinX).

Can anyone advice how we can solve our problem -
we do not want to change our original application - i. e. it shall be left as a desktop (we are not considering development of new web application),
we would like to have ApplinX 5.2.1.

What we were considering is to have .NET “piece of code” between our Application in VB 6.0 and ApplinX5.2.1 - is there API available for .NET?

I’m a bit confused since I was consulting some of the ideas with the tech support and described our architecture (clearly stated that this is a desktop application) and no one has pointed to me that current ApplinX version works only with WEB applications.

I wonder if anyone have encountered similar problem and what was the way that it was solved?

Please help!


Hi Marta,

.NET API can be used for desktop applications and is not specific to web applications, but the product doesn