Applinx 524 - Session alaways processing every 59 seconds...


We have a problem or a question from a customer who will nearly start in production. We search on Servline24 and no topics related of our problem.

Plateform: Linux REDHAT / ApplinX 524.0026 on Windows 2003 server

When we see “Current Activity Sessions” on ApplinX Administrator, some sessions have status “idle” and it’s normal.
But, some others sessions (in reality not processing on Linux side) have status “processing” and the duration growing abnormally from 0 seconds to 59 seconds and status change to “Active” during 1 seconde and after the status come back again to “processing” and duration restart from 0 second to 59 seconds.
These “pocessing” sessions by 1 minute duration are repeated many times and after this, the status session becomes “idle” and the duration grows normally from 1 second to timeout defined (3600 seconds).

Could some on help us please ? Is it normal this kinf of reaction with ApplinX ?

Hi Jilali,

First of all a clarification of what each status means: