Applinx 8.1 mixing natural sessions

Hello people, i’m having a hard time with my Applinx 8.1 environment.I have a linux red hat 5 machine with a tomcat 5.5.29 and ApplinX Server (java version:System info: JVM Vendor=[Sun Microsystems Inc.] Version=[1.6.0_19] Operating System=[Linux 2.6.18-164.el5] Encoding=[UTF-8]) connecting with a AIX 5.3 (AIX 3 5 000E1F73D900) executing Natural (v6350) accessed with the natapx protocol and things work flawless if i get just one client (using a browser in a different machine) but when a second one logs in, receive the same natural session than the first. I already change the configuration to use IP address or Web Session ID with no luck… can you help me ? Maybe i have to change something in the tomcat configuration ?

Tosca (Brasil)

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to understand the problem we need some answers to the following questions:

  1. What does " the same natural session" mean? How do you know it is the same session?
  2. Are both clients connecting using the same user name and password? (default, unless you configured the user name and password to be overridden during runtime)
  3. Can you please send us the trace files for both the daemon and the apxlib? (one will be created in the dir where he started the daemon, the other on the location defined in as SAGTMP=… . PT_TRACELEV must also be added to that same file – otherwise the traces won’t be generated. See documentation for more info on how to configure the trace files)
  4. Can you connect from more than one client, and then execute:
    netstat –an | grep
    on the host, where is the port used to start the daemon (./ start).

Send us the output please (so we can see if there are indeed two sockets open, or just one).



I made more tests and discover that applinx is not mixing sessions… its more complicated because what really happens is the second session overwrites the natural global data area of the first.The login information is the same for both users (unix login) but when the application executes asks for user/password and stores the information in a global data area, when the second user logs on and the first user sends a key (enter,pf keys, etc) the user name in the screen becomes the same. I will send the logs you requested in the next post.


still waiting for those logs…


Sorry for the delay in post those logs… its because im making new tests to discover whats really happens… i made a dummy application only to store global variables and reproduce the behavior but the application works ok… by now im searching the application code to see what really happens… its a 3rd party app and i have to ask for help to the developer. As soon i receive the answers to the questions i made i will post it here.