Natural for AJAX - installation

I can’t get this working and the documentation (or my brain) is a bit lacking. My configuration:

I have a simple program which displays a simple map. In my local environment I get the standard output window, and in my mapped environment I get a WebIO window. So far, so good.

When I attempt to Execute in Browser from my Local Environment, the logon page appears with an error message

When I attempt to Execute in Browser from my mapped environment (with Webio=on), I receive a pop-up entitled Natural for Ajax Studio Plug-in with the message

From within Firefox, Application Designer seems to work fine, but I’ve had no success with the Natural for Ajax logon page. I have tried many combinations of settings in sessions.xml. Most combinations result in the logon message

and status bar message

I believe that I’m getting closer when I get logon message

with status bar message

What does this logon message mean?

In sessions.xml what 8-character user ID is expected? Natural Security is not installed.

What should be specified for the Natural application field? NWO.BAT? When I execute NWO.BAT in a command window, I receive the message ‘“null” was unexpected at this time.’

The error messages ‘Cannot connect. The session name Local is invalid’ and ‘No application server specified for the environment’ indicate that the Natural for Ajax Tools plug-in needs to be configured properly for the environment. Please check for this issue.
The message ‘The Application Server communications module must be updated.’ indicates that the server (NAT633) requires a higher protocol version than the client (NJX111) supports (the message has been improved since). With NAT633 you should at least have NJX111_2. Version and build of NJX are indicated on the Logon page. User ID: If running against a Natural Web I/O Interface Server on Windows, you should use a user ID and password of an account defined on the server machine. nwo.bat: For a Natural server on Windows, nwo.bat is the default script file to use. Don’t worry if you can’t run it stand-alone. It willl run nicely when executed by the Natural Web I/O Service.

Thank you, Thomas. Your response and the document reference helped quite a bit. I’ve requested an upgrade to NJX.

While waiting for the Natural for AJAX upgrade, I was familiarizing myself with Application Designer. At some point, I was no longer able to invoke AD from within a Natural session, but I could still invoke AD from a browser.

I received the NJX upgrade, installed it, and again was able to invoke AD from Natural. But after some time (and a re-boot), AD stopped working again. I receive the message

Any idea what I could have done to break Application Designer from within Natural? I’ve tried redeploying, but it didn’t help.

This looks like a session timeout from Application Designer. If you need to increase the timeout value, check the parameter sessiontimeout in …/njx111.ear/cisnatural.war/cis/config/cisconfig.xml.
Regards, Thomas